Animals are majestic creatures all just trying to live their best life, I respect that

Dr Saxon Klem

Bachelor of Veterinary Biology/Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Small & Large Animal Veterinarian

My 5 siblings and I originate from South Africa and I’ve always been fascinated with animals and physiology and discovering how things work. The opportunity to become a vet and continually learning what goes on inside animals so that we can help them live in optimal health greatly appeals to me. It’s a perfect mix of practical and theoretical, indoors and outdoors and using both my hands and my intellect. No two days are ever the same and being able to use state of the art technology to diagnose and treat is a huge plus!

Stabler and Howlett came recommended to me with a fantastic reputation and I was looking for a change, something different. Mackay offers a relaxed coastal life with islands, reef and rainforests nearby. Also, being outside of a large city offers me the opportunity to handle a varied case load and a myriad of different work.

My move to the East Coast meant I had to leave behind in Perth a gorgeous 5 year old Mini Lop bunny, the chillest little guy who loves lying in the shade, snacking on leaves and watching the sun set at the beach. I generally spend my downtime surfing my way into the green room, playing in wins at footy (AFL) and feasting my eyes on good scenery.