Small Animal Dermatology

Mackay is home to many skin conditions due to our humid tropical environment.

There are hundreds of different diseases recognised to affect the skin of animals and a limited number of ways the skin can react.

As a result, often many diseases appear similar. For these reasons, having a veterinary team who has a particular interest in dermatology to differentiate between skin diseases based on clinical appearance, history or response to treatment is extremely important. Dr Tish Grant has a particular interest in dermatology and will formulate the most direct and cost-effective diagnostic investigation for your pet.

Extended times are allocated for dermatology consults (30 minutes) to ensure we can complete a thorough history, examination and formulate a tailored treatment plan for your pet.

Stabler and Howlett have the benefit of being able to consult with a specialist dermatology team (Dermatology for Animals) for complex cases.

The DFA team visit Mackay four times a year for referral consultations.

To book your dog in for a dermatology consultation, please contact your nearest Stabler & Howlett Veterinary Surgeons clinic today.