Our services for stallions include:

  • Prebreeding examinations including semen analysis
  • Semen collection, processing and dispatch
  • Infertility investigations
  • Breeding season hosting at our breeding farm (by application)

Our services for mares include:

  • Prebreeding Examinations – ultrasonic examinations, bacterial and fungal cultures, uterine biopsy, oestrus management.
  • Problem breeder programmes.
  • Natural cover at our breeding farm(see below).
  • Artificial insemination with either frozen or chilled semen at our breeding farm (see below).
  • Pregnancy detection and monitoring via ultrasound- our high quality Sonosite ultrasound machines allow us to detect pregnancies from 12-14 days post conception and monitor the health of the foal throughout the pregnancy.

Natural Cover and Artificial Insemination at 'Leilavale"

We take great pride in the service we provide for mare owners at our breeding farm. Mares are individually fed and housed in small, safe, clean paddocks. The Howlett family and the rest of the Stabler and Howlett team pay great attention to the health and wellbeing of the mares and foals in our care. Shiny, happy, healthy mares get in foal much more easily!

Apart from natural cover with the stallions standing on farm, our key reproductive service is insemination with either frozen or chilled semen.

The vast improvement in the frozen semen quality and insemination techniques in recent years has given mare owners increasing confidence in using frozen semen, which gives access to potentially any stallion on earth.

Ultrasound image of a 35 day mare pregnancy

Ultrasound image of a 35 day mare pregnancy

The success of frozen semen programmes depend on healthy fertile mares, good quality semen and a high degree of attention to detail and technical precision from the equine vet. The great advantage of frozen semen is it is ready for use at any time, unlike chilled semen where the timing of insemination is often dictated by freight schedules.

Most mare owners are familiar with the use of shipped chilled semen for breeding to remote stallions. Once again mare health and semen quality are important factors in the success of the programme. With over a decade’s experience in intensive breeding management Dr Bruce Howlett has the ability to regulate the mare’s cycle so that ovulation coincides as tightly as possible with insemination, maximising the chance of conception.

Neonatal Care and Foaling Down

A 24 hour foaling down service is offered at our breeding farm. Mares are accepted from 3 weeks before their due date and monitored closely to maximise the safe delivery of the foal and the health of mare and foal in the post natal period. Mares are housed in safe, grassed paddocks adjacent to the property residence. All foals born on farm receive a Snapp IgG test on the day of birth (see below). Limited places are available for this service, so please book early.

If your foal is sick please call us for advice immediately- day or night. Sick foals often deteriorate rapidly if left untreated, but with early, appropriate intervention they can stage a remarkable recovery.

First steps for an "Epic" foal out of “Playgirl"

First steps for an "Epic" foal out of “Playgirl"

Brood mares at Leilavale

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