Good dental care brings long and short-term benefits to horses.

Most owners are aware of the short-term benefits: maximising comfort whilst chewing and being ridden or driven. The long-term benefits are even more important: horses with well maintained, healthy mouths live longer and have longer athletic careers.

We recommend dental examinations for horses from 2 years old. Most horses will benefit from annual examinations throughout their lives. Horses’ teeth grow most quickly when they are young, with growth slowing as they reach their teens. Horses whose teeth are looked after from a young age will generally progress problem free through their teens and into their twenties, however, if they are neglected when young their teeth often have structural problems in the teen years that can take years to correct.

At Stabler and Howlett, we have invested in providing high-quality dental care to our equine patients. Drs Bruce Howlett and Megan Smith have completed post-graduate training in equine dentistry. We use the best quality hand and power tools, and our mobile and fixed stocks ensure safety for horses and handlers alike. Our Ooralea surgery has the facilities and equipment to safely perform extractions, under general anaesthetic if need be.

Our aim is to help you help your horse to have a long and healthy life!