Our Services

Stabler and Howlett aim to provide peace of mind for pet and livestock owners in providing best practice standards of care, modern technologies and information and excellent customer service. By doing this, we aim to improve the experience of pet ownership for pet owners and to improve performance and productivity for livestock producers and horse owners.

Small animal services

Our small animal services focus on feline (cat) and canine (dog) medicine and surgery at a high level of general practice. These services start with preventative care (vaccinations, parasite preventatives, health checks, desexing) and run through to diagnostic and therapeutic care.

Diagnostics available at SHVS include:

  • Comprehensive in-house laboratory facilities for blood testing, urine testing and microscopy (skin samples, faecal samples, blood and urine samples as well as bodily fluid samples such as abdominal, pleural (in the chest)
  • Ultrasonography to assess chest and abdominal cavities, pregnancies
  • A range of endoscopes which allow for video-imaging of upper airways, oral cavity, trachea (wind-pipe), oesophagus, stomach
  • Radiography for the musculoskeletal system as well as for thoracic and abdominal cavities
  • External laboratory services are also available which allow for overnight results on ‘special’ blood tests and tissue samples (that can’t be done in-house)

Treatment/therapeutic services include:

  • A fully equipped surgical suite for soft tissue, orthopaedic, eye, oral and dental surgery
  • A purpose-built hospital with an isolation ward and separate wards for small dogs, large dogs and cats with a fully-stocked pharmacy for treatment of medical cases
  • The ability to perform chemotherapy for a wide variety of cancer conditions
  • Visiting specialists include Dermatology for Animals (specialist veterinary dermatologists), Veterinary Ophthalmic Referrals (specialist veterinary ophthalmologist) and Northern Australia Veterinary Specialist Services (specialist veterinary surgeon)

In addition to this, we are very lucky to have generous support from Veterinary Specialist Services in Brisbane who are able to provide over-the-phone case advice for all fields and who accept referrals for specialist services to be provided in Brisbane.

SHVS also provides the APAV accredited export services for international export of domestic animals.

Large animal services

Large animal services predominantly service equine (horse) and bovine (cow) services but are available for all species.

Services include general medical and surgical consultation and services as well as herd based services. These include:

  • Equine dentistry, including sedation and power-floating
  • Equine reproduction, including on-farm facilities at Leiliavale in Habana which offers fresh-semen and frozen-semen insemination services
  • Equine lameness examinations including nerve blocks and portable digital radiography
  • Equine pre-purchase and insurance examinations
  • Equine annual health checks and vaccinations
  • Bovine individual health examinations
  • Bovine pregnancy diagnosis, including ultrasonographic diagnosis and veterinary certification for export
  • Bovine Bull Breeding Soundness Exams, including the latest video analysis of semen, iSperm