Hollie Richards

Hollie Richards


Kennel Hand

I join the Stabler & Howlett team in the afternoon after my school day. I love coming into the clinic in the afternoon – all the staff are so welcoming. I also enjoy seeing what animals are in the clinic for the afternoon as they are just like people – they all have their own personality!

I have a special interest in wildlife as there are so many beautiful animals and I like the concept that just because they’re ‘wild’, we still have the opportunity to help them.

My animal family is made up of Billy (10 years) a black Labrador who is a stubborn old man. Molly (4 years) a ‘bitza’ and a complete show-off! Odie (10 years) a domestic shorthair who is very set in her ways and finally Beau (9 months) domestic shorthair who loves people and thinks he’s a dog.

When I’m not at school or work I like horse riding, sport and spending time with my friends and family.