Equine Services

At Stabler and Howlett your horse is our priority.

Our Ooralea clinic has an indoor horse surgery with padded recovery room, ultrasound, endoscope, digital x-ray and blood analysis equipment as well as accommodation for up to 4 horses.

At “Leilavale” Habana, our farm provides paddock facilities for horses recovering from surgery or illness and for artificial insemination in the breeding season. In recent seasons we have artificially inseminated camp draft, cutting, show jumping, dressage, western and trotting mares with semen from Australia, the USA and Europe.

Our mobile horse stocks mean that your horse can be safely restrained for dental and reproductive work without having to leave their paddock. No more backing horses round in circles while doing their teeth or preg testing mares over gates!

Blood results in 20 minutes!

Our state-of-the-art laboratory allows us to rapidly diagnose illness in foals and adult horses, and to monitor response to treatment.

Our portable iStat blood machine is particularly useful for assessing illness in foals and horses with colic.  Performance blood profiles are carried out in-house or externally which can provide invaluable information regarding performance potential.

For more information on our equine services, please contact your nearest Stabler & Howlett Veterinary Surgeons clinic today.