Pet Health

Bloat in Dogs
What is bloat and how does it affect dogs? Bloat is a broad term, but all cases are severe and require veterinary attention. Gastric dilation-volvulus (GDV) is the most severe. When a dog is affected by bloat, its stomach fills with gas, causing gastric dilation. Occasionally, the gas can resolve naturally, but if it doesn’t, […]
Hypothyroidism in Dogs
What is hypothyroidism in dogs? About your dog’s thyroid gland A dog’s thyroid is located in the neck, near the windpipe, and is part of the endocrine system which is responsible for controlling and producing hormones. The primary hormone produced by the thyroid gland in dogs is thyroxine, or more commonly, T4. This hormone helps […]
How to diagnose “bad hips” with hip scoring
“Hip scoring” is a really common phrase used in dog breeding circles. It is particularly common in purebred breeding as ‘bad hips’ unfortunately affecting some breeds more than others. So what is it? Hips are a ball and socket joint. Basically, if the ball doesn’t fit the socket properly, or is too loose, there is […]
Pets can celebrate Easter too, just not chocolate
Easter is nearly here and the Easter bunny is on his way!  As much as we humans like to indulge (and on occasion, overindulge) in the ooey, gooey chocolaty goodness known as Easter Eggs, it’s important we don’t share them with our pets.  Unfortunately, there’s a chemical in chocolate that is toxic to our fur-babies.  […]
Dr Alistair Grant answers 5 questions on cruciate ligament disease
Cruciate ligament disease is a very common condition we see coming into the clinic, fortunately, there are a number of ways to deal with the injury so that your dog can still enjoy full mobility and comfort after treatment.  Dr Grant took the time to answer five common questions about Cruciate ligament disease: 1. What […]
Dr Tish discusses 4 things you should know before bringing home a new kitten
Thinking about getting a new kitten? Dr Tish has kindly taken the time to answer four questions on what you need to know before bringing home a new kitten. What should I already have at home before bringing home a kitten? Food Ideally, you should continue feeding your kitten what it has been fed prior […]