Equine Health

Pregnant mare? Why you need to know about Failure of Passive Transfer (FPT)
What is Failure of Passive Transfer (FPT)? At birth, the newborn foal lacks protective immunoglobulins (disease-fighting proteins) so is defenceless against infection by bacteria or viruses. The neonate is therefore dependent upon the passive transfer of immunoglobulins in the mare’s colostrum. Foals which fail receive these antibodies, or receive inadequate levels of these antibodies are […]
What is laminitis and does my horse have it?
What is laminitis? To understand what laminitis is and how it affects our equine patients, we must first understand the basic anatomy of a hoof capsule. The hoof capsule is the hard, keratinised tissue that extends from the ground to the coronet band (soft ring of tissue around the top of the hoof where the […]