Joelene Minchianski

Customer Experience Manager

I absolutely love my job as it allows me to do my two favourite things – work with animals and deliver excellent customer service.

I first started with Stabler and Howlett as a receptionist in 2005. I left for a few years after I had my first child, but returned to the role again in 2016.
I’m not just surrounded by animals at work, I’ve also got a whole tribe of furry and feathered friends at home. Our two cats are Simba and Thunder. Simba is outgoing, and we’ll often find him demanding pets from our neighbours. Thunder was rescued out of the cane fields as a very small kitten, so she’s a little skittish around other people. However, she’s more than happy to get attention from those she’s comfortable with. Lilly’s our dog; she’s a Bull Arab with lots of energy. She waits eagerly by the front gate for us all to arrive home each day. We also have some chickens, fish, cows and a bird named Mr Mikey.

In my down time, I enjoy spending time with friends, family and my fur babies. I also manage my son’s soccer team.