Our locations


Ooralea is the primary hospital for our practice and is our largest facility in terms of small and large animal hospitalisation, equipment (diagnostic and surgical) and pharmacy. It’s a purpose-built hospital that was opened in 2012, and where most of our major surgery, chemotherapy, and radiography is carried out.

31 – 33 Peak Downs Highway,
Ooralea, Qld, 4740

Mon – Fri: 8am – 6pm
Saturday: 8am – 11am,
5:30pm – 7pm
Sunday: 9am – 11am,
5:30pm – 7pm

North Mackay

North Mackay is our primary facility for dental treatments and home to our newly established cat clinic. This purpose-built clinic features two consultation rooms, and full hospital and surgical facilities.

118 Sams Road,
North Mackay, Qld, 4740

Mon – Fri: 8am – 6:30pm
Saturday: 8am – 11am



Our long-standing service ‘up the valley’, operates between 12 pm to 2 pm every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for small animal consultations.

3 Alexandra Street,
Mirani, Qld 4754

Mon, Wed,  Fri:  12pm – 2pm